If there is a suspicion of bubonic plague, then the person is urgently hospitalized.

Be sure to send the patient to the infectious box. With proper measures, recovery is quite possible. Examination and prescribing medications are performed by: These specialists must perform an initial examination of Zanaflex pills, examine his condition. If the patient is conscious, then he will be asked certain questions.

How long have you been feeling weak? When the body temperature rose for the first time, how did you bring it down? Have you experienced nausea or vomiting?

Have you had contact with rodents, have you been bitten by fleas? If yes, then when? Do you have any chronic pathologies? When was the last time you vacationed in other countries, especially those with a low standard of living? Have you experienced blackouts or dizziness? Appropriate laboratory tests usually help to identify the exact cause of Tizanidine pill. The most common among them are the study of sputum, urine and blood. If the results confirm the diagnosis, it may be necessary to undergo examinations for those who lived with the patient.

Also, a doctor with a bubonic form gives a direction for sowing bubo juice on blood agar.

From the ulcer take the contents with a syringe. Then it is studied and tested. When bubonic plague is confirmed, the patient is immediately sent to a separate box. PCR diagnostics also helps. In laboratory conditions, the level of antibodies is determined by a special method. This is necessary to identify which microorganisms caused severe weakness, headaches, etc. in a person. Effective methods of treatment.

A person can recover only in special hospitals.

During recovery, relatives and anyone other than medical personnel are not allowed to see him. In addition, all things that he touches are necessarily processed. Disinfection is also carried out.

Antibacterial drugs are most effective for bubonic plague.

The staff visits the patient only in special anti-plague suits. Reduce the patient's body temperature. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are best suited for this. Restore normal blood pressure. Reduce the impact of toxins on organs and systems. Stabilize the work of the heart and cardiovascular system. If necessary, make artificial ventilation of the lungs. Limit the spread of infection.

They are distributed to clinics in Africa and South America, where cases of zanaflex a disease are still being diagnosed.

It is important to understand that treatment outside the hospital is extremely dangerous. A sick person can infect many people, thereby provoking an epidemic. If signs of pathology are already appearing, especially those that are specific, then you need to seek medical help as soon as possible. This is important for the health of both the person himself and those around him.

If help is provided on time, then the patient manages to recover quite quickly. Mortality from this form of plague is considered low, unlike pneumonic.

The disease is severe, and also has serious consequences. Patients may develop a pulmonary form, which significantly increases the likelihood of tizanidine online. A septic form of the plague also develops. All these pathologies increase the risk to the patient's life several times. The easiest way is to prevent infection as such.

This bacterial disease, carried by rat fleas, has been affecting humans for over 1,000 years.

The factors responsible for the alternating ups and downs of this disease are not yet fully known.

It is said that this arbitrary opening of the buboes is a particularly severe phenomenon, capable of driving even a dying man into a state of rampage. Until now, doctors consider the opening of buboes as a good sign, since it always indicates that the patient's body continues to fight, even a week or more after the onset of the disease. About half of those doomed to die died before this stage.

Speaking about the mechanism of transmission of infection, it can be noted that in some cases there is a direct infection of the human bloodstream, which leads to septic shock, large hemorrhages and rapid death. This form of the disease is known as septicemic plague.

In other cases, the plague is spread from person to person through the lungs (droplet infection) if pneumonia occurs. With pneumonic (pneumonic) plague, the victims of this disease become very weak, spit blood, and almost always die within a few days.


Once the disease affects the human population, it spreads directly from person to person, sometimes by inhalation of infected droplet aerosols exhaled by pneumonic plague patients.


The predominant causal factor in human epidemics is epizootics occurring in rodents. It is she who determines the onset and further spread of tizanidine among people.


Of course, the transmission of infection is possible only if these two populations are in close contact, but in the Middle Ages, in this respect, it is unlikely that some areas differed in any noticeable way from others.


Both in the countryside and in the cities, people lived surrounded by rats.

The holds of these ships were usually infested with rats, and as soon as the crew fell asleep, they took over the watch, rushing around among the rigging and literally sowing fleas on all decks.

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The cycle of infection from flea to rat and from rat to flea could only continue until the rat population was reduced from the disease to such an extent that it was no longer able to feed all the fleas infected with plague bacteria. Hungry fleas in search of a new host then transferred the disease to humans. It is therefore not much of a surprise that by the end of tizanidine the plague had broken out in most of the port towns along the road connecting Caffa with Genoa in northern Italy.